Why Us

What Makes Us Unique?


We strive to be a dance studio with a fun, relaxed atmosphere for your family, providing structured classes and proper technique at the same time. We focus on joyful hearts rather than endless practices and competitions.


Teachers and students strive to be a witness for Christ. Our upper level instructors are university trained dancers and/or have performed professionally, and are excellent role models for your children.


Teachers pray for and with their students regularly.


Students wear t-shirts over their leotards as well as pants or a ballet skirts to all classes age 8 and up. Our goal is to remain modest and above reproach. We choose costumes that are age appropriate, modest and fun that both parents and children love.


We use primarily Christian music as well as some classical and instrumental, avoiding the use of secular music.

Dance Moves

Our goal is to keep dance moves glorifying to God. Therefore we avoid suggestive or seductive movements.