Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are LOFD teachers selected?

A. All of our teachers are very carefully screened and chosen not just on dance technique and teaching ability but, as importantly, on spiritual maturity and Christian character. We look for teachers who will be good role models for our students and are encouraging (never berating a student). We also ask our teachers to pray for their students, love them, never pick favorites, and look for ways to bring out the very best in each student, both technically and spiritually. Many of our ballet teachers are college graduates with BFA degrees in dance. The rest of our teachers have degrees in dance, currently dance in professional companies, or have extensive training and proficiency in ballet and dance technique.

Q. Does LOFD do competitions?

A. No. We are a competitive dance studio, with our primary focus in ballet, but we don’t attend dance competitions. We train our dancers to be able to pursue professional careers in dance, focusing more on proper technique than on “tricks”. Our dancers have been placed at the top levels of ballet intensives and dance companies.

Q. What age do students need to be?

A. We offer classes for ages 3 and up. We also have many adult classes to choose from, where teens and adults of all ages are welcome.

Q. Can a student still perform if they miss a class?

A. Yes, students are allowed 3 weeks of absences per semester. However, they will not be allowed to perform if they have more than 3 weeks of absences. Exceptions may be made with a doctor’s written excuse and scheduled private lessons to catch up with the class.

Q. Does my student need to have every piece of the classroom attire before the first class?

A. No, but all students will be required to adhere to dress code by the 3rd class of the semester.

Q. Does LOFD do student evaluations?

A. Yes, all ballet class students are evaluated annually by 3 instructors. These are emailed to students with specific comments on areas where the student is excelling and areas that need improvement. Class levels for all non-ballet classes are determined at the end of each year by a teacher meeting with Ms. Sharon and the various instructors.

Q. How long will a student stay at the same level?

A. Most students remain at the same level 2-3 years (some more and some less). Teachers try to slow down the first couple of weeks each semester to accommodate new students, then the class picks right back up where they left off the previous year. Students will be introduced to new material EVERY YEAR, even if they’ve been in the same level for many years. Dance class levels are not like school levels, where you go from 1st grade to 2nd grade the next year, to 3rd grade the next year, etc. For instance: Ballet has5 levels. If your student is in level 3, it means, compared to the entire student body at LOFD, they are in the middle. At a less advanced studio, they may be in a higher level, but still working on the same exact steps. At a more advanced studio, they may be in a lower level, but again still working on the same dance moves.

Q. Will the monthly tuition change if there are fewer or more than 4 classes that particular month?

A. No, the tuition is per semester. Each class in the fall will meet 16 times, broken down into 4 equal payments due the 1st of September, October, November and December. Spring semester classes meet 20 times, with 5 payments due the 1st of January, February, March, April and May.

Q. Do you offer classes in the summer?

A. Yes. We have special discounted rates for summer so families can still go on vacation, take mission trips, or just take a week off. Students can miss about a third of their classes and still get a good deal. They won’t get behind either because each class in summer is taught as an individual unit.

Q. Can I leave my children at the studio when they’re not in class?

A. If your child is in multiple classes on a given day and has a break in between 2 classes, they may quietly study in The Retreat, watch a video in the media room, or eat and quietly visit in the kitchen. Otherwise, no children are allowed to stay at the studio without a parent or guardian.

Q. Will I be able to go inside the studio to watch my children take class?

A. No, parents may wait in the student lobby, kitchen, media room, or “The Retreat”. They may also leave and then return before the end of class. In each of the 3 dance studios, we have observation windows where parents can see inside but the students cannot see out. Parents are not allowed inside the 3 studios, except on “class observation days”, which are held twice each semester. At that time, family and friends will be invited in to watch the class.p>

Q. May students use the piano to practice if they’re not in another class?

A. No, the piano is only for our piano students and for special worship music during our prayer ministry times.

Q. May we bring a video/DVD from home to watch up at the studio?

A. Yes, but it must be rated G. The studio will not be responsible if the video/DVD is lost or damaged.

Q. When is the latest date that you will take new students?

A. Students are encouraged to register each August for the school year. However, we will accept new students until October 1 for the fall semester (after that, students are asked to wait until the start of the spring semester). For the spring semester, new students can register for class until February 15 (after that, students are asked to wait until the start of the summer session).

Q. What if we’re running late for class or get stuck in traffic? Can we still participate in class that day?

A. Students should try to be at the studio 10 minutes prior to class to get ready (go to the bathroom, change shoes, get hair put up, etc.). If a student is 15 minutes late, they will be asked to sit out for that class, regardless of the reason. This is for YOUR safety. Students need to be properly warmed up and instructed in proper technique, which is usually done at the beginning of class.

Q. Should we come to class if we’re sick or have an injury?

A. It depends. If the student has run a fever within the last 24 hours or may be contagious, please don’t come to the studio. Otherwise, students should attend and watch class if they feel up to it, especially as we get close to a performance.

Q. How is communication handled at the studio?

A. The majority of communication is through email, so please check yours frequently. If you have a question or concern, you may email the studio at, or call us at 682-203-3301. The studio phone is a cell phone so it can be answered even if the studio is closed. Please limit calls to 10:00 am – 9:00 pm, Monday through Saturday (unless there’s an emergency). We will strive to return calls within 24 hours.

Q. What hours is the studio open?

A. We are opened when classes are going on, roughly 4:00-9:00 pm, Monday through Thursday; 10:00-noon, Friday mornings. Please check the schedule as these hours may vary:

Q. How will we know if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather?

A. LOFD will generally close if the AISD schools and/or UTA close. An email will be sent to all families if classes need to be cancelled. If in doubt, check your email. These classes will be rescheduled within the next few weeks.

Q. Do you have classes for both recreational dancers (those students who just want to take dance for exercise and fun) and the serious dance student, who would like to pursue a professional career in dance?

A. Yes, all of our entry level classes (level 1 and adult classes) are for both the recreational dancer and the beginning student wanting to pursue a more serious path in dance. Once a student progresses to the level 2 classes, technique gets more challenging. Ballet class is recommended for any student desiring to excel in dance. Since ballet is the basis for all other styles of dance, our most advanced dancers take the most ballet. The more classes a student takes, the more quickly they advance, because there are many cross-over skills that help in other styles of dance.

Q. Does a student enrolled in ballet have to take twice a week?

A. If they want to excel – yes! However, for those dancers simply wanting an introduction into the world of ballet or want to supplement their regular ballet class, we do offer once-a-week Adult Ballet and Friday morning Ballet. For students in levels 2-5 desiring a once a week class, teachers may require additional private lessons to be scheduled in order to perform ($35 per each 1⁄2 hour lesson).

Q. Does Leap of Faith offer private dance lessons?

A. Yes! Private lessons are available and encouraged. These can be scheduled once a week, once a month, once a semester, or sporadically throughout the year. Please contact the studio for teacher availability ($35 per each 1⁄2 hour lesson; $50 per 45 minutes; $60 per hour). Semi-private lessons (2-4 students) may also be scheduled at a slightly lower price.

Q. How do I pay for tuition and various fees?

A. All fees may be paid online:, or at the studio (in the tuition box if the studio is open, dropped through the mail slot in the front door if the studio is closed).