Personal Safety Seminar for Women

Every young girl and woman needs to know and practice what is taught in this course.  This course is also known as Sexual Harassment Awareness and Rape Prevention.  By taking this course, you will grow in knowledge in many areas and learn simple, effective techniques to defend yourself, if ever needed.  These techniques work every day in any situation and sometimes you don’t have to lift a finger. Learn self – defense principles, how to recognize potential threats, striking techniques, how to use your voice under stress, and much more. Receive mental conditioning for a defensive mindset, concepts of survival, and confidence to succeed!

  • Learn what predators look for, and how to prevent being selected
  • Learn awareness and avoidance skills
  • Prevention Psychology
  • Biblical Confrontation
  • Survival stress, performance, and mindset
  • Immediate action self defense skills and techniques
This is a 3-hour course and consists of classroom instruction and practical exercises.

Class is held Saturday October 12th from 9 am to 12 pm at Leap Of Faith Dance Studio.

This event is fully booked.